Head On Collision

You probably think that if you are hit head on by a driver in your lane of traffic, GOING THE WRONG WAY, that the driver’s insurance carrier will simply stroke a check to you for all of your injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering.

THINK AGAIN… People around Georgia are hit head on by distracted drivers who are texting at the time of the accident where the negligent driver’s insurance company refuses to pay for the damages caused.

PROGRESSIVE, SAFECO, AUTOOWNERS, and all other carriers regularly refuse to pay for head on collisions caused by their drivers every day in Georgia. You really do need to hire a trial attorney with experience in leveraging your case and maximizing your recovery in Head On collision cases.

DO NOT hire a TV lawyer or ONE CALL THAT’S ALL ATTORNEY who has twenty secretaries practicing law for them and have never been inside of a courtroom. The TV Lawyers, as we call them, NEVER even file suit. Even in Head On Accident cases they routinely drop clients when the Insurance Company does not make an offer prior to filing suit that their client will take. Call or email Ben F. Windham, P.C. if you have been hit in a head on accident in Georgia. DO NOT GO IT ALONE. DEFINITELY DO NOT HIRE A ONE CALL THAT’S ALL TV LAWYER.

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