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Ben F. WindhamAs an accident victim, you have enough pressure on you without going through the legal system on your own. Putting a knowledgeable and compassionate advocate on your side can make all of the difference in your case. Ben F. Windham recognizes what you are going through and is ready to take the burden off your shoulders. As an experienced personal injury lawyer, he has represented victims against defendants and insurance companies throughout the state of Georgia. Mr. Windham has accumulated substantial prowess in the courtroom and will not hesitate to take your case to trial if the other side fails to offer a fair settlement. He provides free consultations and does not charge fees unless he recovers compensation for you.

Car Accidents

There are many different types of car accidents, ranging from rear-end collisions on a city street to side-impact crashes at an intersection to chain reaction accidents involving many vehicles on a highway. Regardless of where your car accident took place, if you were injured as a result of someone else’s carelessness, you can bring a personal injury action to recover compensation for your injuries and costs. In the lawsuit, you will need to prove that the other driver did not operate their vehicle with adequate care and that you suffered injuries as a direct result of this failure. Each motorist is required to operate their vehicle with a certain level of attentiveness, caution, and adherence to traffic laws like the speed limit and yielding the right of way. Once you have established that the defendant’s lack of due care caused your injuries, you will be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages like pain and suffering.

Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks are large and heavy vehicles that create significant dangers on the road. Because of their size, truck drivers are required to undergo extensive training and practice before they are allowed to operate a semi on the highway. When truck drivers and trucking companies fail to use appropriate caution or disregard state and federal truck safety laws, nearby motorists and pedestrians can suffer serious injuries—or even death. If you or a loved one was harmed in a truck accident, a personal injury attorney in the Macon area can bring a claim to recover for your losses. There are several different theories of recovery that may apply in a trucking injury case. The truck driver may have been negligent behind the wheel, or the trucking company may have failed to exercise due care in maintaining its fleet of vehicles or in hiring appropriately qualified drivers. In other cases, a manufacturer may have been responsible for a truck defect.

Motorcycle Accidents Motorcyclists face some of the most severe injuries when it comes to crashes. Even if a motorcyclist is exercising caution and following traffic laws, they may suffer serious injuries as a result of another motorist’s lack of due care. Some of the most common ways that motorcycle accidents occur are failures to yield the right of way, head-on collisions, and intoxicated driving accidents. Motorcycles are smaller in stature than regular passenger vehicles, which can make it easier for distracted drivers to fail to see nearby riders. If you are successful in establishing liability, you will be eligible to receive compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, among other damages. Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents can lead to some of the most catastrophic injuries. This is usually because a bicyclist has little protection against a motor vehicle or other nearby objects like guardrails, buildings, or steep shoulders. If you were injured while riding your bike as a result of a motor vehicle operator’s negligence, you can bring a negligence claim to recover compensation for your injuries. This lawsuit requires your Macon personal injury attorney to prove that the motorist did not drive their car with the appropriate level of care and skill. Motorists are required to drive cautiously, to refrain from distracted driving activities, and to be aware of their surroundings at all times. This includes keeping an eye out for bicyclists and maintaining an appropriate distance. The standard of care also encompasses any applicable traffic regulations, such as following the speed limit and refraining from driving while intoxicated. If you think that a careless driver owes you compensation for your bicycle accident injuries, contact us now to schedule a free consultation.

Premises Liability

Under Georgia law, landowners have a certain level of duty when it comes to maintaining their properties in a safe manner and inspecting for dangerous conditions. There can be many dangerous conditions lurking on various properties, including faulty electrical wiring, broken floorboards, dilapidated staircases, and potholes or slippery surfaces. To recover compensation after an accident on property, you must prove that the landowner failed to exercise ordinary care in maintaining the premises for invitees and guests. As part of the premises liability lawsuit, you will be required to show that the defendant owned or occupied the land, that you were on the land for a lawful purpose, and that the defendant’s failure to maintain the area appropriately was the cause of your injuries. An invitee is someone who was invited to the property for a commercial or business-related reason. Landowners owe these individuals the highest level of care.

Dangerous Products

We are surrounded by consumer products on a daily basis. Many of these products work as they are intended and improve our lives. When manufacturers fail to design or create these products in a safe manner, however, the injuries that result can be devastating. Like many other states, Georgia allows people who are injured to bring a product liability action against the manufacturer to recover compensation for their injuries. A product liability action is slightly different from a regular negligence action. In determining whether the manufacturer should be held liable for your injuries, the court will consider many factors, including the warnings provided with the product, the usefulness of the product, its intended design, and whether the product is unreasonably dangerous. If you believe that you were injured as a result of a dangerous product, you should seek prompt medical attention and retain the product as potential evidence in your case. Contact Macon personal injury lawyer Ben Windham now to schedule a free consultation to learn more about your legal rights.

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing homes are a critical component of our society. They provide a place for elderly citizens to receive the around-the-clock care and assistance that they often require, especially when family members are unable to provide that care. Many news reports have chronicled the serious abuses that take place in nursing homes, including physical abuse, verbal abuse, malnourishment, untimely medical care, and unsanitary conditions. If you or a loved one is a resident in a nursing home and suffers injuries as a result of the facility’s failure to provide sufficient care, you can bring a negligence action to recover compensation for your injuries. It may be hard to know whether your loved one is suffering from abuse or neglect. Some common signs include a change in personality or socialization, an unkempt or disheveled appearance, rapid weight loss, and bruises or other physical injuries.

Boating Accidents

Georgia has numerous waterways and lakes that make popular destinations for boating and water sports enthusiasts. This also means that Georgia residents are more susceptible to getting injured in a boating accident. Just like people driving on the highway, boat operators need to pay adequate attention, follow certain traffic rules, and refrain from operating a watercraft while intoxicated. If you were injured in a boating or jet-ski accident, you can file a personal injury claim to recover compensation for your injuries. In the lawsuit, a personal injury lawyer in the Macon area can help you try to show that the defendant did not use the appropriate level of care and skill while operating their vessel and that this caused your injuries. Some specific examples of failing to use appropriate care while boating include speeding, distracted driving activities, or driving too close to swimmers or fixed objects.

Wrongful Death

The sudden and tragic loss of a loved one is a devastating and life-altering event for the victim’s family. If your loved one died as a result of a fatal accident caused by someone else’s carelessness, you can bring a wrongful death claim against that party to recover compensation for your loss. Georgia law allows a victim’s surviving spouse to bring the claim on behalf of himself or herself in addition to any minor children. If the victim does not have a spouse, the victim’s surviving parents or the personal representative of the decedent’s estate can bring the claim.

Sexual Harassment

Under Georgia law, sexual harassment consists of coercion or intimidation of a sexual nature toward an employee. This can include the promise of rewards in exchange for sexual acts, as well as threats of retribution if the victim refuses to engage in sexual acts. Sexual harassment is overt in some instances, but it can be subtle in others and more difficult to detect. While unwanted touching and physical intimidation are obvious examples, verbal taunting, inappropriate comments, and written or electronic communications also can constitute examples of sexual harassment. If you experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, you can bring a claim against your employer to recover compensation. There are several state and federal laws that provide protections against sexual harassment in the workplace, including the federal Civil Rights Act.

Consumer Protection & Fair Debt Collection Practices

Many federal laws are designed to protect debtors from unnecessary and unreasonable harassment by creditors and collectors, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Under this statute, a debtor can bring a lawsuit against a collector for engaging in certain prohibited practices when attempting to collect a debt. These protections extend to a wide variety of debts, including personal and family debts like credit cards, car loans, and medical expenses.

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